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Oceanside Health Equity


Who we are

Oceanside Health Equity (OHE) is a rehabilitation therapy focused managed services organization. We specialize in acquiring and operating chiropractic and physical therapy practices as well as launching de novo offices.

About our work

Challenging healthcare market dynamics such as competition from consolidations, independent office reimbursement rates and administrative costs of practice management are creating opportunities for managed services organizations to offer comprehensive practice management services. Most independent practices are ill-equipped to oversee the provision of therapy services from a clinical perspective or manage the associated administrative functions. Managed services programs can ease administrative burden and leverage automated systems to position providers to offer the highest quality of patient care.

About the market

The rehabilitation therapy industry is benefiting from an aging population intent on maintaining an active lifestyle as well as commercial carriers and government health programs emphasizing patient outcomes and value-based medicine. There is a growing recognition among stakeholders that chiropractic and physical therapy services are an effective yet affordable treatment option that can minimize the need for surgery and medication. The outpatient rehabilitation therapy market consists of approximately 28,000 establishments with combined annual revenues exceeding $30 billion. The industry is highly fragmented, with the top 50 companies accounting for less than 25 percent of total revenue. Of the three outpatient rehabilitation classifications, physical therapy (including chiropractic services) expenditures far outweigh spending in the other areas.

How we deliver

OHE drives value by leveraging powerful automated tools to solve for the some of the today’s biggest practice administration challenges, including but not limited to:

Business Development

Oceanside Health Equity’s coordinated care solutions transforms the way our practices attract and engage patients and referral partners with customized web portals for providers, patients and attorneys. Our advantage is that we can proactively and consistently deliver tailored support/solutions for each stakeholder. Automating these processes not only decreases the need for FTE, but also drives efficiency by increasing the size of the market our practices can access.

Workforce Optimization

For the majority of medical groups and independent practices, labor represents more than 60 percent of practice overhead. OHE creates process efficiencies by leveraging third party managed services technologies to manage the complex staffing/service operations for providers whose main focus is providing the best patient experience and outcomes. Our experienced team implements best practices at each location to manage contingent workforce and provide a centralized point of contact for vendors and service partners.

Reporting, Billing & Third Party Liability

Customer-centric services and processes are a key advantage of Oceanside Health Equity. Integrating data into our proprietary systems enables us to identify performance and development opportunities immediately, sharing actionable data on development opportunities, processes, special projects, customer service, financial performance and more.

Another significant advantage, OHE services personal injury and workers compensation receivables backed by medical liens / LOPs and financing the treatment of injured patients who treat outside of healthcare insurance. This allows our practices to more quickly realize service revenues, enhancing cash flows and overall financial performance.

To learn more about investment opportunities in rehabilitation therapy, schedule an appointment with a member of our team. We are seeking partners to open de novo offices in: Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia and Florida.